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Who We Are

Amidst and after a prominent global pandemic we all have seen how essential fresh produce is for us all. While this may seem like a simple request, the quality, safety, and integrity of fresh foods are endangered. Across the globe, people are used to buying produce from the market to the point where they don’t know how to grow high quality and fresh produce at home. 

That’s where MintBox comes in. We are MintBox, a startup based in New York City. We believe that providing an all in one solution to nurture home gardens is the future. As students, we see first hand how much of an impact fresh food is. Having fresh high quality produce at an affordable price point is a right, not a privilege. We believe you should be able to grow your own fresh, GMO, and antibiotic-free produce, no matter your space or the available resources.

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Meet The Co-Founders!


Zenchang Sun


Ethan Seiz


William Wang

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Haider Irshad

We, the MintBox team, consists of four high school students that all reside in New York City. As our world faces unprecedented challenges and changes, we see the toll, especially on our generation. In hopes to provide aid to the multitude of problems teens and children face during these uncertain times, we created MintBox.

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