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7/27 Weekly Bulletin - Timeline

As of this week, we've continued to discuss our plans about moving forward as a company. So here is a brief summary of phases. As you can see in the timeline below, we are currently in Phase 1, where our main focus is to release our 3 gardening guides, and to promote our business. Then we get to Phase 2. Our main product this phase is our Mintbox Gardening Kit. It's basically our book, seeds, potting mix, and a special container to grow your plants all included in the sub. And during Phase 3, we want to bring back to our community by donating our kits to nearby schools and soup kitchens. Lastly for Phase 4, we pretty much want to create a sustainable greenhouse for all of our plants by using refurbished cargo containers.

Now that you've learned a bit more about our company's vision, we hope that you can support our cause.

Written by: Zenchang Sun

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