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Best Online Seed Retailers

Ever since Covid-19 took the world over, online seed retailers have been gaining more popularity. So in this blog, you will learn more about the best places to buy seeds online.

1. Johnny's Selected Seeds

Good for availability and variety although it may be slightly expensive. In addition to seeds, Johnny’s Seeds also sells soil, fertilizer, tools, pots, and various other items.

2. Amazon

Good for pots and accessories and a variety of growing containers. Most products that we list are available on Amazon with 2-day shipping.

3. Burpee Seeds

Also, good selection, availability, and variety, and also can tend to be pricier. Burpee Seeds offers similar products, so it's best to compare the two primarily on stock and availability.

4. Jung Seed

Jung Seed is known for their product selection. They sell pretty much every plant and seed that you can think of. This is an awesome place to check out if you already know what seed you want.

Hopefully you learned a bit more about how and where you can buy seeds. So good luck growing your next plant.

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