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Why you should garden.

1: Since you grow everything by yourself, everything is organic and safe to eat. So that means no more pesticides and other harmful ingredients that can be found from big companies.

2: Growing a garden actually helps the environment because it cuts down pesticides, pollution, and reduces fuel because you don't need to transport it.

3: Gardening improves your physical health because of the exercise you get. Studies also show that being exposed to dirt develops stronger immune systems and are less likely to get allergies.

4: Gardening also improves your mental health because it provides a time away from technology. And studies show that when we are using are phones, we're just devoting our brain power towards "directed attention", which is bad for your brain long-term. And gardening can help by relaxing and releasing the stress and tension.

Now that you've learned a bit more about why you should garden, try it out by buying our Baby Sprout book coming August 25th.

Written by: Zenchang Sun

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